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Tree Stump Grinding

Our tree stump grinding services remove problem old or freshly cut tree stumps from your property to improve safety, beautify your property, and eliminate termites and other pests from impacting the area.

Backfilled Area From StumpĀ 

Our tree stump grinding process uses your freshly ground tree stumps as mulch, to backfill the hole, so that you can reuse the recovered area for other purposes. Or, to simply plant new grass and otherwise beautify your real estate.

Why should I grind my old or freshly cut tree stumps?

Stumps are not aesthetically pleasing to look at:

You should grind your old or freshly cut tree stumps and tree roots for general real estate property appearance and upkeep. You don’t always have to grind your tree stumps. They will decay over time after the tree is cut. The natural process can take 5 to 10 years. If you want to plant grass, landscape the area, or plant a new tree, you will want to have the old stump removed. Why would you want to leave an unsightly stump behind after all the other work you have put in or have done? Look at some before and after pictures of jobs

Leaving tree stumps to rot can attract termites. Two types of termites are attracted:

Dampwood: These types of termites generally only eat rotting or decaying wood, and usually don’t pose a risk to your home

Subterranean: These are the most common type of termites. They will eat any type of wood that contains cellulose and can pose an immediate risk to your home

Becomes a breeding ground for other bugs!

Carpenter ants, beetles, mosquitoes, and roaches love to move into your rotting stump to make their home!

Stumps can be hazardous

Children and adults unfamiliar with your yard can trip over stumps. Protect yourself from the liability of having your neighbor fall over a left behind stump. How many times have we hit that small stump and messed the deck and blades of our lawnmower up? Save money and time by having that stump removed!

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